Martini’s Beach Bar

Alan Dewey, SevenX narrator wrote:

Great book!

What a page turner! I had to force myself to put it down. That Hardroc really takes some punishment. I swear I felt twinges of pain in my own shoulder for days after reading SevenX. Let’s have some more! What happens next?”SevenX cover art blog

Kathryn Castex, wife of world renown psychic Charles Castex  wrote:

After reading about the seedy exploits of Wort I felt like I needed to take a shower!

Carol Ann Anderson, former school teacher wrote:

“I loved the story!

I can honestly see this being made into a movie. The characters Wt Dufrane has created are rich and inviting. I went to reach for it the other night at bedtime and realized I’d finished my proof reading. Now I miss it! I want more! I told you I threw  Steve Martini off to the side to read  SevenX, but I know now that Martini will not be as satisfying.”

Tim Greenway, Arvato Digital Technician wrote:

“To my friends and Family; if you like to read get ready for this thriller!!! It’s going to rock your mind!!!! I recommend this read 5 star.”

Bear Naisang, Kid Cowboy wrote:

“SevenX is Awesome!!!”

James T. Mungo, Curmudgeon News wrote:

“If Dufrane is on the pen, hang on for a helluva ride.”

Romelle Zeratsky, lifelong Green Bay Packer Super Fan wrote:

“Your characters were fantastic! Both creepy & delightful at the same time!”

Brick Hamilton, Business Mogul of Greenville SC wrote:

“Outstanding character development and plot movement for a first time author. Both were spot on. Made it a blast to read. Bravo!”

Philip Parcase wrote:

“I put down Koontz to read SevenX! And loved every minute of it!”

Amanda Johnson,  wrote:

“I was one of the proof reader’s of SevenX and I can honestly say that . . . I loved the book! I cannot wait for the next one to see what happens to Hardroc’s father, the Colonel!”

William Layton, Hendersonville NC wrote:

“SevenX is creative, page-turning thriller. The author has woven a lengthy tale around a fascinating array of characters covering a gamut of sports figures, underworld thugs and high-tech computer hackers, all interacting with and against an ex-pro golfer and pool shark turned tough-guy sleuth. SevenX will delight readers who enjoy the exploits of a James Bond-type who somehow works his way out of one after another life-threatening dilemmas.”

Fredrick Z wrote:

“Having been turned onto SevenX by a friend at work, I decided to try out this new author. SevenX is fast paced and a good read. I look forward to Hardroc’s next adventure.”

McKinley H wrote:

“Move over Lee Childs…There’s a new gunslinger in town named WT Dufrane and he’s takin’ no prisoners. Best read I’ve had in a long time and I have read a lot that were penned by some of the best action-mystery writers. Although this ¨First Edition¨ may appear a little ¨hefty,¨ have no fear. The pages will burn by super quickly, as you’ll find yourself hard pressed to put’er down after only a couple of short chapters. I found this story to be exceptionally unpredictable, entertaining and for the most part very well written. The characters (at least the ones that survive) are ones that I thoroughly enjoyed and hopefully will be able to revisit in future episodes. I’d be very surprised if the screenwriters don’t get serious over this one.” McH

William Roberts, New York literary critic wrote:

“I was NOT expecting SevenX to be anything. I bought his ebook on a Kindle dare, but I have to admit it was the best damn dare I’ve had in a long time. This guy Dufrane can pen some wild ass excitement and intrigue, but what I found most enjoyable was the fact that I really liked his voice. He has the witty aplomb and seasoned flair of the major thriller writers like DeMille and Childs to suck their readers into dangerous worlds.  Problem is that Dufrane holds you in literary bondage until he decides to untie you. I can promise that you will find yourself arriving late for business meetings, missing subway train stops or landing on your wife’s naughty list for not being dressed for the symphony because your fingers seem to take on a mind of their own and keep turning pages. Now that takes some degree of talent. I hope this guy never changes.”



Check out wt dufrane’s short stories!

mzi_cdqpwyay_175x175-75 Check out the new SevenX except above narrated by Alan Dewy of London!



6 thoughts on “Martini’s Beach Bar”

  1. I really like your choice of characters for the book! Excellent!

  2. Nice!

  3. Pretty cool trailer! I like the effect used on the images, gives a real gritty feel to it – and the background music is perfect.

  4. Tim (Goody) Greenway said:

    My friend Bill, the hard work and time you have given to this book is amazing to find in one person. I am nervous with excitement waiting for it’s release.

  5. thanks for the3 info

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