In here you will find a series of short stories that are free to the public.

A short story is lot like an ice cream cone.

What is your favorite flavor? Butter Brickle? Strawberry shortcake? Rocky Road? Maybe just good ole fashioned vanilla. Do you find that once you dig in, you do not want it to end? You want to savor each dripping twist and turn, secretly wishing your treat would last just a few more licks longer. How about your cone? Are you a humorous waffles type? Or sugary romance? Maybe you crave dangerous sprinkles or revel in the dark chocolate of mysterious intrigue? Whatever your delight, whatever your craving I suggest you grab your scoop now. Dig into that carton of double chocolate fudge. Have a triple dip on me, but then go find your favorite reading chair. Live dangerously by tempting fate with a warm inviting fire. I’m about to take you on a twisting rollercoaster ride that will leave you saying,

“I did not see that coming at all”


April 1st   “Once again”

January 2014  (I’m writing as you Read this…)



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