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Click on book to listen to Alan Dewy's narration of the first two chapters of SevenX!

Click on book to listen to Alan Dewy’s narration of the first two chapters of SevenX!

Birthplace:    Marinette WI (Makes me a full bloodied cheesehead)

High School: Menominee High School in Menominee, MI (Right across any of the three bridges from Marinette)

Secondary Education: Northern Michigan University Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo CC, Ferris State University (I got tossed out a few times for being me)

Employment Opportunities:

Golf Professional at Wachesaw Plantation in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Mortgage Broker at Landmark Financial, Commercial Credit

Restaurant Manager at Seafare Restaurant in Murrells Inlet, SC

Executive Account Rep for Goodwill Industries

Project Manager for AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Adelphia Cable, Cox Cable, Morris Broadband, Charter Communications (Traveled around the country setting up sales projects for these systems)

Mastering Technician at Arvato Digital Services (Worked in a clean room environment using applied science to Create Masters for Microsoft X-Box, as well as DVDs and CDs for other major clients such as Rosetta Stone, Random House, Oracle etc)

And now I wear an Orange apron and assist customers with shiny new appliances from my desk at Home Depot. I went there this April just to find a job to get me away from the computer for a few hours every week but the powers to be offered me a position in their a major appliances dept and I took it…and I’m having  a blast meeting all kinds of people including a family member of a very prominent crime mystery author. Very cool indeed!

So you must ask . . . where the heck did I find the time to write??

Writing adventure fiction has been my passion since 1981 pecking away at a yard sale typewriter in the dorms of Northern Michigan University. Of course, this was when I wasn’t drinking a few beers, ( my GG&T phase was still years away) or throwing the football in the Hyper Dome with Steve Mariucci or just raising good hell with my good friend and racquetball adversary Bill Houghton.

I transferred to Western Michigan University in an effort to play big time college golf. There I met a very good friend Pat Kerwin who to this day we are still friends who try to see each other at least once a year. I continued writing fiction throughout my collegiate career even managing to get a few articles published along the way. By the time I graduated with a bonified Professional Golf Management degree Landing my first real job with Wachesaw Plantation on their professional staff. in 1986, I had outgrown my typewriter and elevated  up to a Smith Corona word processor. The thing had this LCD window smaller than a matchbox . . . but I was in heaven.

I really enjoyed my brief career as a golf professional at Wachesaw Plantation in Murrells Inlet, SC but it wasn’t in the celestial cards for me. I left the business only to be hired by another friend James Mungo in the Loan & 2nd mortgage industry. Hell, I didn’t even know what a second mortgage was when I started but I worked my way up to Branch Manager and got rewarded with an office in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was tough spending my lunch breaks staring at bikinis and the ocean. (But somebody had to do it so I figured it might as well be me) During this time period I kept playing golf despite a left shoulder that wouldn’t work anymore. I played with several PGA Tour pros in Pro-AMs at many of the Grand Strand’s top golf courses like Tidewater, The Pearl, Wachesaw Plantation, The dunes, Debordieu and Heather Glen. However, in  the fall of 1989 my left arm became just about useless and I was diagnosed with an aneurysm. My peripheral artery was being strangled by my cervical ribs. Seems I had broken them my football days and they had never mended properly. The surgeons in Myrtle Beach cut out the two offending ribs in September assuring me that I would be just fine in 90 days. I think they had to be talking about 90 days on Pluto. Never go to a resort city to have this done. This is why I can portray with efficient clarity the pain and frustration that my hero in 7X, Jason Hardroc feels on a daily basis.

After golf I enjoyed a plethora of jobs. Among several too numerous to account for here, I managed a large Calabash style restaurant, gave golf lessons, hustled a few fish on the golf course for grocery money, sold children’s books, worked in a fireplace store, pushed credit card machines, went door to door selling cable TV, managed several cable TV projects around the country and worked in an honest to goodness clean room environment that conjured up visions of NASA.

And now I write . . .

I have probably “lost” more stories than I have written. Those early typewriter days and Word Processor moments have gotten lost I’m afraid through a half dozen moves  from a half dozen states while technology just kept advancing forever sealing away yesterday’s musings. I think I still have ten or so data disks that run on a 1987 Smith Corona WP that I will probably never be able to retrieve; of course  they are probably some of my best writings.


But now that I have a vehicle to babble on, one of these days I think I’m even going to pull out the cardboard suitcase I have tucked away in a water proof plastic case somewhere in the garage and rescue my circa 1985-1995 scribblings.

Maybe I’ll even use a few ideas to begin a short story page.

to be continued . . .




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2 thoughts on “THE WRITER”

  1. Tim (Goody) Greenway said:

    your life path so far sounds like a adventure in it self my friend…

  2. Awesome! only word that comes to mind at the moment.

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