7x Cover Art ©  by Patrick Kerwin

Hang tight there Hardroc fans! Jason is on the way!

‎7X is narrated by my good friend Alan Dewey (ChessSpy)

Mr. Dewey, by trade is a Grand Champion chess restorer, which simply means he could not only could kick my butt in chess blindfolded, but he plies his trade of rebuilding and restoring high end chess sets sent to him from all over the world.  We met through our significant others and hit it off right away. One afternoon over a couple of brews ( I had GG&T’s) and games of eight-ball at his local pub, I asked Alan if he would consider lending his voice to SevenX. After reading the first two chapters which he deemed “wholly fun”, Alan agreed and the rest is history as they say. A native Brit, Alan brings what he calls, his “low brow London” to SevenX which I found . . . and I hope you will also, the absolute perfect voice to make the characters of SevenX jump right into your headphones!

The superb audio & music score was produced expertly by another good friend, Matthew Warren who resides right here with Hardroc in Asheville, North Carolina. We met when I was working in the clean room for Arvato Digital and I found out that Matthew would also like to publish someday. Well, that got us talking and when the time came to record SevenX, I knew I had my man. Matthew is incredible and I marvel at the audio magic he is able to create from his “Studio in a Suitcase”.

The striking 7X Artwork was created by my best friend of 31 years, Patrick Kerwin of Mason Michigan. Pat and I met competing for roster spots on the Western Michigan golf team way back in 1982 and we have remained best buds throughout both of our travels. Pat is a top graphics media designer for a retail credit card firm in Lansing, Michigan and brings his work ethic & dedication to any project he’s working on at the time. One of these days, I hope the guy decides he’s had enough of the snow in Michigan and relocates down here so that we can play some golf together again. He’s actually a better player than I am so that works well for me.


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