Nelson DeMille

“The Panther”


While I am an avid fan of John Corey, The Panther to me is like quicksand. A long tedious read without the rockum sockum action that I’m used to reading Demille’s main character. The Panther takes place first of all in Yemen, the asshole of the earth but that’s not the worst of this read. While the area is dangerous, DeMille goes out of his way to tell you this until you almost want to cry uncle.

Not what I wanted.

In earlier reads, Corey describe’s himself as, “a man of action”.

Not in The Panther.

I’m used to Corey in dangerous situations where he not only had to use his intelligence and his gun to blast his way out, but that sarcastic wit of his antagonizing an adversary while he’s ridding the world of him.

Very little of that in The Panther so far . . .

In my opinion, take it for what it is worth, DeMille could have cut the book by at least 75-100 pages. The end of the book was actually anticlimactic. Maybe one of his longest, but definitely not one of DeMille’s best efforts.


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