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WT Dufrane’s Newest adventure thriller SevenX introduces Jason Hardroc, action adventure hero. 

Jason Hardroc is a former All American quarterback at Army who briefly tried his hand at the European Order of Merit, a mistake he would rather just soon forget. Problem is, the media won’t let him forget because he’s their twenty point Pulitzer. After eighteen years, Hardroc is still playing a dangerous game of hide and seek but is now quietly living for the time being in the mountains of Pennsylvania. However, his philosophy is take nothing at face value and sure enough after he finds himself wrongly accused of a crime where his only guilt is that of witnessing a brutal murder, the fight is on!

However, Jason soon discovers he’s not only battling the killers, but the entire police force of Scranton. Not only that, entering the chase late is some clandestine agency he has no idea what their real motives are. Deciding the answers lie in the seedy underbelly of the Las Vegas sports gambling industry, Jason travels to Sin City determined to discover the identity of the mastermind who framed him. Also, he wants to look the man in the eye who destroyed what little life he had left with the  same type of cold, vicious callousness a hob nailed boot would use crushing out a cigarette butt. However, when a shocking discovery in a Puerto Rico morgue crashes down on him with lethal consequences, Jason finally comes to grips that he has only one objective left in this world. Take these animals down at any cost.

A famous philosopher once said that the most dangerous man alive is the one who doesn’t care . . .

SevenX cover art blog


whether he lives . . . or dies.

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wine short story

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  1. Tim (Goody) Greenway said:

    I love the book on fire stokes my coal

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