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Tim Greenway is a good friend and work buddy. His wife Missy is in dire need of a kidney transplant. The Greenway family is asking for funding assistance to help pay for the cost associated with a paired donor exchange program.

SITE ADDRESS BELOW: IF you are able to help in any capacity…thank you from the bottom of my heart. These are good people who are going through some very tough times.



Hi, My name is Tim Greenway, I am starting this fundraiser for my wife Melissa(Missy). We are in our 23rd year of marriage and have raised two awesome children. Our son Dylan is in his junior year of college and our daughter Autumn a(daddy’s girl) is in her junior year of high school. Missy was diagnosed with stage 4 renal failure in March of 2011. She has worked very hard to maintain a strict diet in order to prolong the use of her kidneys which at this time is 13 or so % from complete failure. As time has passed her health continues to deteriorate and as of this year she now she has to battle Gout as well.(wow!). She was placed on the waiting list sometime ago and during one our visits to CMC (Carolina’s Medical Center) in Charlotte, NC we were introduced to a program called the,(Paired Donor Exchange Program). ” let me explain” This program allows a healthy living donor from one couple to donate one of their kidney’s to a couple in need of a kidney, in exchange a healthy donor from the other couple will donate one of their kidneys like wise. I elected to be tested for this program and passed with flying colors. My wife’s doctor is having her squeeze all she can from her damaged kidneys and when the time comes which I truly believe is soon based on her current health we both will be out of work. I really don’t like to ask for anything but, we have tried to keep up with all of our responsibilities financially. Unfortunately we have reached a point due to economic factors where we can no longer keep up. I was introduced to Giveforward by a friend sometime ago and have now decided to see if we can hopefully raise funds to help pay for our expenses and to position ourselves to pay for the monthly cost of the anti-rejection medicines Missy will have to take for the rest of her life in order to live. Estimates provided by CMC are at this time after surgery $1430.00 per month out of pocket. I do not see based on our current financial situation anyway to pay this. We are hopeful to raise just $77,000.00 or more to prepare for this expense. If we raise more that would be an additional blessing. We hope the fund raiser is a success and blessings to everyone that can help financially and anyone that will pray for us.

Thanks everyone,

Tim and Missy Greenway

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