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i-o 2

SevenX British narrator and Master chess set restorer, Alan Dewey has created some very fascinating & exciting art pieces to show the world!


This piece was finished today: 15″ object featuring inside-out turning of black walnut & cherry alternating in a harlequin pattern and pierced with a quatrefoil. The stem of both the entire piece as well as of the small interior bit are 90 degree multi-axis arcs. Alan turned the inside-out piece plus all components, and Milissa turned the multi-axis stem and did most of the finishing (and still needs to knock a bit of the shiny off of it now that it’s dry).

For you turners out there! Black walnut is NOT suited to multi-axis work on any sort of meaningful scale (such as starting with a 3″ sq piece): the grain is too coarse and catches……which drags the entire piece off the lathe. Milissa reports that this stem was both tedious and scary to do.

Process pics are linked from the homepage: www.CHESSSPY.com