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As a writer I find tons of fascinating info on the net. (Probably why I should turn off my search function) but sometimes I stumble across a site just way too interesting. Way too magical not to promote.

Writers live in their head.

guardian_poll-300x300Our own fantasy world we’ve created and most of the time , we just put our feet up on our barkaloungers with our favorite snacks and remote when we are not creating stories in our fancy smancy cottages content with our worlds. But then there are those sometimes we hop the white picket fence just to see what’s on the other side. I did that very thing just over a year ago during one midnight run and I’ve been scaling this pointed puppy back & forth ever since. I don’t say this very often….but CLICK on THE IMAGE of this cool website and see if this magical presence doesn’t make you smile and say….now these people are having a blast doing what they want…and living life to their expectations!