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Just a few of the ideas going through Allan's head right now!

Just a few of the ideas going through Allan’s head right now!

Now that we are back from Florida–a whirlwind but wonderful trip that allowed us to see friends AND family–we are diving into another couple of projects.

I. Class this weekend

First of all, we are preparing for a Beginner’s Challenge weekend seminar. These classes are for beginning turners and last for two long days. The students start on Saturday morning with safety glasses & how to turn on the lathe…by Sunday evening each of them has made his/her own chess set! We have four students coming in and, as before, two of them are a husband/wife team. So it’s time to get ready. This morning after our bike ride, we bought black walnut & cherry at the local lumber yard & I am spending the day turning lumber into little blocks of wood.

This album will be added to all week, ending next Monday, so check back in periodically if you are interested in seeing how the class develops.

II. Bäume study: antique turned trees of the Erzgebirge

The scenes made by the German toymakers of the Erzgebirge region often required more than just animals & people. The toymakers also figured out how to make little Bäume, or trees. As usual, a turner’s time is most profitable if the turner stays at the lathe rather than doing different stuff all over the place. So the making of these trees was primarily a turning process.

We wanted to see some actual samples, so after an unusually complicated series of international monetary and German-English email exchanges, a little box of these trees finally appeared here. The first study pictures are linked from the website.