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Remember Custer’s Last Stand?

Well so does Detective John Corey and when his good friend Harry doesn’t come back from what is supposed to be a routine assignment Wildfireat the Custer Hill Lodge, Corey takes it upon himself to push his way into the investigation. Along with his new wife, FBI Agent Kate Mayfield, Corey wades through and fights the FBI’s Special Task Force bureaucracy only to discover his buddy Harry was murdered in the Andirondacks…and someone somewhere up high wants it covered up.

Or do they?

Or was the murder just an excuse to lure Corey out into the open? To the Custer Hill Lodge where the membership roll call reads like a Who’s Who of National Security? This was one of DeMille’s better writes and he really slathers on the smokey flavor giving his readers a fine taste of Corey’s acerbic wit and former NYPD arrogance. DeMille also humorously displays how & why Corey’s gorgeous younger wife, despite her sixteen year disadvantage in age can & must put the clamps on her ambitious husband at times with just a mere look. Corey as usual, gets both of them into a dangerous situation because of his “gut feelings” and when their investigation takes a mind bending turn . . .hang on because it gets really fun from there to the end.

If you want a fun read that showcases Corey in all his arrogant splendor I highly suggest Wild Fire.

Hardroc gives Wildfire 5 stars out of five.