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golf-cartoon-hobbs-368In 1953 the great Ben Hogan played in only six golf tournaments . . . and won five of them. Among the five wins, Hogan won three majors; The Masters, The U.S. Open and the British Open. Hogan took a pass on the PGA because it was reported that the dates conflicted with the British Open’s. From 1946 to 1953 Ben Hogan won nine (9) of the sixteen (16) majors he played in. Hogan was involved in a car accident in 1949 where his sedan hit a bus straight on in a fog. Hogan should have died trying to save the life of his wife Valerie, which he did by throwing himself across her at the last instant before impact. Ironically, that act of heroism saved his life but damaged his legs for the rest of his life.

Hogan played some of his greatest golf after that near fatal accident.

Think about that.