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I hope you enjoy this pictorial of our Feb 2013 trip to Vieques Island just off the coast of Puerto Rico. Pronounced “Bee-eh-kes” by the locals, Vieques Island claims the most pristine, sparkling and crystal clear waters in the world—and that claim is valid. This is my second trip to Puerto Rico and I always am amazed at the shades of blue and green shimmering beneath a tropical sun.

It is almost unimaginable.DSC03016-001

Have you ever daydreamed about riding along such beaches by horseback, the vibrant Tamarindo trees, and azure waters of the Caribbean your own personal backdrop? Or, like Hardroc. Imagine you’ve just emerged from a secluded forest of fragrant mangoes and sweet banana trees only to discover an ancient wooden pier that deep down in your soul, you just knew the quay once afforded safe haven to schooners flying the Jolly Roger.

Imagine no more.

The two hour horseback ride you will experience at Esperanza Riding Company will bring a Robinson Crusoe novel to life. Thrill with the same adventurous spirit that riders must have felt 200 years ago as they too navigated medicinal noni and papayas by Paso Horse. The ride seeks out some of the more secluded spots on Vieques as you and your steed wander among the exotic vegetation and take in some of the oldest trees on Vieques. Along the way, you will simply marvel at the wild horses that roam free on this tiny island, but then you will bounce back into 2013 long enough to acknowledge the cheers emanating from the bar flies at Lazy Jacks as you mosey down the Malecon in the tiny city of Esperanza.

The final leg of the tour ducks back into the secluded flora and ruins until your journey culminated in a take your breath away spectacular panoramic interpretation of a graceful hilly pasture.

The shimmering Caribbean and setting sun a final curtain close.