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Well Hardroc fans, Jason is going back to PR!

But instead of being chased by killers, I will spending some R & R on Vieques Island which is located just off the coast of Puerto Rico. There are only two ways to get to Vieques. By air or sea. We will be taking an aerial puddle jumper instead of the ferry which results in less hours getting to our vacation spot.

(More time for those GG&T’s)

Although Vieques has been named many things lately, Spanish Virgin Island and Green Isle among the new names, these names are not recognized nor accepted by the locals. hut backgroundPronounced “Bee-eh-kes” by the locals, Vieques is not like any other island in the Caribbean. I had Ceal do some Internet snooping and she discovered that most of its land is still undeveloped due to the presence of the US Navy that had owned two-thirds of the island for the past sixty years. As a result most of the beaches are located in undeveloped areas. In 2003 the Navy passed control of most of this land to the Department of Interior. Today the land is under Fish and Wildlife administration, making Vieques the largest national refuge in the Caribbean. PuertoFerroBaybeach

The beaches at the Refuge are famous for their pristine, clear waters, undeveloped land, and wild native flora instead of concrete and asphalt. This is a place where horses are allowed to roam freely and I aim to check that out personally for about four hours. Also, Vieques’ crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, secluded bays . . . and lack of notable publicity make the island a very desirable vacation retreat. Not only that, but Vieques sports the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.


Wort wanted to know if they would let anyone partake in a particular substance while doing this. I told Wort that I’d ask for him.