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There are rivalries in sports.

The  Green Bay Packers vs the Chicago Bears. The New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox. The Michigan Wolverines vs the Ohio State Buckeyes.

And then there is Duke vs North Carolina.

Even college basketball purists who are NOT fans of these two NCAA goliaths tune in to watch this one. (Publicly they will say they don’t…but they do)

The old standard clichés are out in force on this game. Doesn’t matter about standings. Doesn’t matter who is number one at the time as Duke and North Carolina have been numerous times. In this game it really doesn’t. These two schools play for Tobacco Road bragging rights.


And Wednesday night was no different.

Duke hosted the Tar Heels at Crazy Cameron Stadium and they were the overwhelming favorites.

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But from the first whistle nobody told North Carolina that.

The Tar Heels were the aggressors haunting the Blue Devils with quickness and accurate shooting while taking away the biggest weapons Duke has. The three pointer and Mason Plumlee. It wasn’t until the second half and Coach K inserting his own smaller team to match North Carolina’s four guards and fight back into this one. But in the end, Duke just proved to have the bigger horses and Plumlee saddled with foul trouble made three clutch free throws, something he wasn’t capable of doing last year, to put away the Hells at Cameron.

When Ryan Kelly comes back…watch out for Duke in the NCAA Championship.